A Review of My Marlondo Leather Messenger Bag

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My Messenger Bag arrived today and now I'm preparing for a one-day trip to the countryside. Good bags need to be bragged about so other leather fans will know about, that's what I'm doing here. 

Here is a list of what I'm taking with me on this excursion:

A water bottle, my most recent issue of Time Magazine, Mouse, Mouse pad, Laptop, Power Cord, Two Notebooks, my Nexus 7 tablet, my iPhone, and my wallet.

My 14" Messenger Bag is subtle in its appearance. It doesn't look big, but it actually holds all of my items with ease and some room to spare.

Years ago when I was in college, I had the chance to travel and I took my laptop with me because I needed to do some work during the trip. I carried my laptop in a very sturdy and awesome canvas bag which could be used as a backpack, a shoulder bag and a handbag. I liked that bag. But one day, when I was walking back to my hotel the hook on the should strap broke causing the bag to fall. The result was that the screen in the right corner of my laptop was broken! That was my first new laptop! At that point, I vowed to find a better, more sturdy solution for transporting my expensive technology pieces...and the result is what you see gorgeous Marlondo Leather Co. Messenger Bag. 

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