Custom Orders

We are available to do some customization to our products. Please note that this does change the delivery timeframe on most pieces due to the need for personalized service to the product you wish to have customized.

  • Modifications to Existing Designs: This usually results in a $10 - $50 additional charge to accommodate small changes on our regular products.
  • Fully Customized Product Creation: This will depend on the complexity of what is requested and will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Please be reasonable with your custom request. Please do not send us a photo or a link to another leather company’s product and ask us to duplicate it. This is not the mission of our company. We are not in the business of counterfeiting other brands and their designs. If you choose to ask us to copy someone else’s design in an attempt to have us create a knockoff at a cheaper price than the original, we most likely will not respond to your request. If we do respond, you’ll most definitely receive the exact same information as you have just read here. Thank you for understanding.

We have nickel-plated, solid brass hooks, solid brass buckles, copper rivets, brass rivets, thick marine-grade thread, thick full grain leather, and pigskin leather that is used as an interior liner.

We can use these materials to make a guitar strap, an irregular bag or a cover(case) for a specific use. Just fill out the short contact form on the Contact Us page. Send us the details about what you'd like designed and produced and we'll happily answer your questions and initiate dialogue about your custom product order. 

Thank You,

The Marlondo Leather Team


Pics below are of a customized, resized Dopp Kit. This was fashioned to safely and fashionably carry a UE Megaboom Bluetooth Speaker. It turned out great!


We can also add a camera liner for you.