It's the most beautiful bag I've ever seen. - A. Pfeffer on the Organizer Briefcase
A wonderful bag made with quality work. My husband absolutely loves it. Thanks! - K. Rutland on the Entrepreneur Briefcase
Nicely made, great craftsmanship, highly recommend! My husband loves it. The seller was really accommodating and shipped it in a flash speed. - Y. Hen on the Vertical iPad Satchel 
I love my beautiful new bag! It is a great size! The quality is also great! I've wanted a leather tote for a long time, and I'm glad I found this one. It was shipped very quickly! Thank you! - C.B. on the Simple Tall Tote
Classy and well-made alternative to cheap throw-away mousepads. Great texture for my mouse and hand. Shipped fast! - J. Lanni on the Mouse Pad
Absolutely love this wallet! Leather is beautiful and soft. Construction of the wallet is very sturdy. Easy to get cards in/out of their pockets. Looking forward to using this for years to come. Thanks! - Brianne on the Checkbook Wallet
My second purchase from these guys and it's just as perfect as my first purchase. Really solid construction, beautiful durable material and something that will likely be handed down to my grandkids. Totally love it! - M. Benton on the Wing Briefcase
Beautiful, heavy-duty bag/back-pack. Love the new veg-dyed leather. Thanks again! - M.H. on the Double Space Briefcase
Awesome quality, very happy with this on my desk. Looking forward to wearing it in over the years. - H.L. on the Desk Pad
Just received my Tobacco Rucksack today. It is absolutely stunning. The leather is smooth and supple and I love that it's unlined. Very light weight and not a whole lot different than cow leather. Tim was a pleasure to work with, and really great about answering all my questions right away. I'll be using this piece for a long time. - Leather Addict on the Rucksack
I ordered the businessman's bag in tobacco brown and I was somewhat concerned ordering it online. I voiced this concern and the company assured me that if I had any reservations I could always return it. Well once I unboxed the bag which is very securely packed with stuffing, plastic wraps, and a black cloth sack, all my concerns were gone. The bag highly exceeded what I thought I would be receiving. I figured it would be nice and suitable for my purpose from the internet description, but the quality and leather were much better than I expected. Its thick and sturdy and has both a luxurious and utilizable design. I cannot see why this bag wouldn't last a lifetime if properly cared after. My wife and father in law were very much impressed as well. Its a gift from my wife, so I can't use it until after Christmas, so she packed it back up and put it away. Wouldn't you know, the next day my father in law asked her to open it back up, so he can just see it again because he liked it so much! I must say it is hands down the best professional briefcase I have ever owned and will definitely continue to order other items from Marlondo. - Amit on the Businessman's Briefcase
I bought this bag for my husband. I seriously debated between this and Saddleback but went with marlondo mainly because the look is sleeker and the straps don't have those weird scallops on them that make it look like a historical piece. My husband doesn't want to look like a cowboy. First, the leather is amazing. It smells amazing and the pieces were obviously selected so that they would look better as it ages. We went with the dark stain. Second, it is going to last a long time. The construction with the brass brackets and double stitching is very nice. Notes: This is lined, the interior pocket has a leather piece along the top but the cloth lining divides the pocket, there is no leather there. This is much easier to have cleaned and restored, especially if your husband shoves things in his bag that he shouldn't. Like leftover tacos and his pipe. There is no top handle. It is not a briefcase. It does not look like a purse. My husband is a giant man and it looks like a side satchel slung behind him. Even the strap is gorgeous, pliable, and durable. Brass brackets and double stitching all the way. Uses brass leash attachments to attach to bag (won't be torn off). It will fit an umbrella, a 13" lenovo laptop (not a 15"), a pipe, some paperwork, up to a 10" tablet, a charger, and a rubiks cube without distorting the form. Also leftover tacos, apparently. It's profile is slim enough to fit comfortably under a pea coat slung behind you. So A+ for look and usability. - Brittany on the Old Fashioned Belted Satchel
I bought the 13" sleeve for my Surface Pro. The overall sleeve is slightly larger than my Surface. I knew it would be a loose fit. This is a very simple piece that is unlined and no frills. Perfect for what I needed! I can slip a couple file folders in with my Surface. The tabs of the folders get bent down when I close it, but works fine. I needed a sleeve as a simple protector when I put my Surface in my briefcase or my small carry on bag. I would recommend this piece. This will not be my last Marlondo purchase! - Rineo on the Laptop Sleeve
I had been looking for the perfect leather bag for quite some time - waiting for my 6 year old waxed canvas bag to reach the point of no return - extensively researching and scrutinizing Saddleback, Buffalo Jackson, etc. I then came across Marlondo, but had never head of them before. Admittedly skeptical at first. Excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Haven't put it through much wear and tear yet, but I have a great feeling about the durability. Customer service was impeccable. - Ross B. on the Organizer Briefcase 
Packing was top notch, the product even better. Leather was soft to the touch , thick and sturdy, and beautiful. Looks like it can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Even designer brands do not come close. A fantastic product and experience with Marlondo. - R.N. on the Businessman's Briefcase
 I have never had anything that I have received so many compliments for. This bag is immaculate and gorgeous. The amazing vendor, easy to deal with. You can't go wrong purchasing anything from Tim. - Jordan M. on the Weekender Duffel Bag
I had been looking at this leather dopp bag for a long time. I just received it today and I already have a regret. I'm sorry I didn't order this bag sooner!!! This bag looks amazing!! Even better than I thought and Tim was so good to communicate and he got this bag out lightning quick. I will definitely be a return customer!! - Parforthecourse on the Dopp Kit
 Wallet is beautifully made and can tell will only look better with wear and last. - Joshua D. on the Classic Bifold Wallet
 Cut & stitching are super precise, a texture is very smooth & even. One complaint is that it is quite thick (durable) so you may not be comfortable sitting on it before it breaks in. - Joe V. on the Passport Wallet
 I purchased the Wing Handmade Men's Leather Briefcase 14" in Dark Brown and the Classic Handmade Men's Leather Briefcase 16" in Tobacco as gifts. I had great communications with Tim and he made the process seamless. I placed the order on Tuesday and the briefcases arrived Saturday.

Both briefcases were exactly as represented in their photographs, which is to say beautifully constructed with superb craftsmanship, quality materials, and excellent detailing. I'm completely happy with my purchases! Highly recommended. - Zhao G. on the Wing Briefcase
 Worth every penny! The workmanship and quality are perfect. Shipping cost was low and I received my order within a week. I would definitely buy from this shop again without hesitation. Great experience :) - APD273 on the Weekender Duffel Bag
 I love the craftsmanship of my messenger bag! I've seldom been provided exactly the product I thought I was purchasing on the internet. It's difficult to discern the quality of an item without first viewing it in person. However, have no fear of quality with this company.

Overall, the turnaround time was reasonable. I think it took about three weeks to get my bag. The company claims each bag is made by hand, if that is the case (and I can find no evidence to the contrary), then the company acted very efficiently. - Eric K. on the Classic Laptop Briefcase
 Received my 22.5" duffle in dark brown. BEAUTIFUL bag! Type of thing you plan a trip just to carry it. - William-Arthur H. on the Weekender Duffel Bag
 Love it. Great customer service and quick shipping too. - Elizabeth A. on the Classic Bifold Wallet
 This is the bag you’re looking for. It’s sturdy, stylish, and quality-made. It can carry a 13” laptop, a couple notebooks, some pens and other rick-rack with no problem. I carry it every day and have received several compliments on it.

I cannot say enough kind things about the shop owners. Tim and Tim went out of their way to answer my questions prior to purchase and to send me supplies when the key clip broke, and help with questions about after-purchase leather care. These guys are AMAZING. Their customer service is a dream, and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again and again.

The quality of this satchel is unparalleled. Their customer service is out of this world. A class act all the way! - Kate on the Single Space Briefcase
 Beautiful leather wallet for groomsmen gifts. - Jamie Z. on the Classic Bifold Wallet
 I just received my custom wallet and it turned out great! When I had ordered a few weeks ago, Tim's communication and feedback were helpful and timely and, despite a line of custom orders in front of me, I was able to get it in only a few weeks.

Initially, I did receive a standard (non-custom) wallet in the mail by mistake, but Tim corrected this immediately and even offered to let me keep the standard wallet as an apology! The standard wallet was very nice, but I had to send it back.

The custom wallet soon came though and was better than I expected. The leather is soft and sturdy, and it looks like it is durable enough last me a very long time! On top of it all, they gave me a coupon for my next purchase!

I will be shopping again! - Brian L. on his custom wallet
 Great stylish leather wallet. Delivered quickly. Highly recommended. - Palamalai G. on the Passport Wallet
 Tim handled everything about this purchase professionally and responded to all my questions. The bag is absolutely gorgeous and demonstrates the commitment to quality construction and materials. - Neal M. on the Old Fashioned Belted Satchel
 Excellent quality looks nice & feels good to the touch. Shipped very fast, thank you! - Loranna G. on the Laptop Sleeve
 This is an amazing briefcase/messenger bag. It's a sturdy as a saddle, just as well constructed, beautifully lined, and has all the pockets you could ask for. I was very impressed by the quality, the color is gorgeous, and it shipped very quickly. The bag was out of stock when I ordered it, but they created one just for my fiancee and in time for the wedding! This is definitely an investment, but it's beyond worth making. I highly recommend! - L. Campbell on the Wing Briefcase
I had this shipped to my office, and I immediately got compliments on it from 5 different coworkers. The bag is as tough as it is beautiful. I couldn't be happier with it. I find myself looking for excuses to go somewhere so I can pack up my duffle. I can't wait to buy another item from this shop. - Robert T. on the Weekender Duffel
 Purchased on Friday, arrived on Wednesday! Beautiful product, super durable and thick, with metal fixings that won't bend or snap. Bags like this are truly worth the money, and I'm happy to have made the investment. -  Court M. on the Angler's Bag
 This bag is so amazing! Absolutely top quality and very well made. I am very picky and not easily impressed, but this bag did it. I purchased it for my husband on Father's Day, he loves it and uses it every day for work! - Shane B. on the Vertical iPad Satchel
I really love the bag! It is exactly what I was looking for in ages. The weight, dimension, style, features and comfort is just perfect for my taste. I got loads of compliments from friends and strangers alike. The construction of the bag is very solid. The leather material is a luxury. The o and d-rings come very handily and useful. The stitching work is perfect. The style and look are classic and vintage which I really like the most. The pigskin lining makes the bag look pretty sturdy and solid. The rivets reinforce the bag furthermore. This bag will last long as much as you want to. I am happy with my purchase. Mark B. on the Classic Briefcase
This is really an amazing bag. The leather is thick, the stitching is burly, it is simple and stout. No fabric to tear or wear out. I love it. Fits my 10.5" tablet with ease, and has room to spare for a couple books, my phone, keys, glasses etc. Thanks again Tim for delivering it via Motorcycle. Great to meet you. - Eric M. on the Vertical iPad Satchel
This is what I have been looking for. It is going to be with me for some time to come. - Kuhaku on the Classic Bifold Wallet
This is a real piece of solid, thick leather, and I have to say the leather is gorgeous! It's just as you see advertised and it has a fantastic smooth texture. It really feels like quality material that I can tell will build a nice patina over time. Something to keep in mind: it is a bit on the larger side so if your pocket space is limited, then make sure the measurements are something you can work with. The bulletproof-like thickness of the leather makes it feel tough at first, but this kind of leather will break in over time like a good leather shoe. I have to add that I am extremely happy with the seller and his responsiveness. Customer service was excellent! He was able to help me out with all of my questions and was very prompt with his responses. Highly recommend. - P. 
on the Classic Bifold Wallet
Back again for another wallet review. My dad saw my dark brown leather bifold (bottom image) and loved how it looked and felt so he wanted one. He wanted the tobacco color so I got it for him (top) and I'm jealous. The tobacco leather is gorgeous and now I really want one. Damn I should've chosen tobacco. Still love my dark brown. As you can see in the picture, it's aging very nicely and that's just a few weeks of wearing it. - P. on the Classic Bifold Wallet
Seller was extremely helpful during the buying process and I've had the backpack for a couple weeks and it's just gorgeous, I can't wait for it to start developing its own patina when I break it in more ☺️ - Christina V. on the Backpack
 This bag is AMAZING. My boyfriend wanted to buy me a bag that would last me through law school (those books are heavy) and would also work in a professional setting. I spent several months combing leather stores and the Internet for the perfect bag, and this is absolutely it. The leather is thick and sturdy, and the craftsmanship and attention to detail are stunning. The bag can be carried as a messenger bag, a backpack, or a briefcase, and it's absolutely classy enough to use in a professional capacity. I will have this bag for a lifetime. Thank you so much! - Melissa S. on the Classic Briefcase

You know how you can see an old book or a tool or a car and instantly know there's a story there? The weathered, aged character of the thing adds a dimension that newer objects lack. My hope in purchasing a high quality leather bag was that in the years to come it would develop a story like that and I would give the bag to my son when he was grown. What I didn't anticipate was that Tim and the guys at Marlando Leather have so beautifully crafted their bags that on day one you can already get a sense of the story this leather tells. It's not heavily waxed or prestine product like many other companies produce. It ships with a well developed patina that gives the impression of it instantly having a history with you. I LOVE that. I feel like I got to skip over the "break-in" phase and get straight to the good part. Instead of me creating the bags story I get to add to it and to me, that is worth ever penny. - Caleb D. on the Double Space Briefcase

This is a real piece of solid, thick leather, and I have to say the leather is gorgeous! It's just as you see advertised and it has a fantastic smooth texture. It really feels like quality material that I can tell will build a nice patina over time. Something to keep in mind: it is a bit on the larger side so if your pocket space is limited, then make sure the measurements are something you can work with. The bulletproof-like thickness of the leather makes it feel tough at first, but this kind of leather will break in over time like a good leather shoe. I have to add that I am extremely happy with the seller and his responsiveness. Customer service was excellent! He was able to help me out with all of my questions and was very prompt with his responses. Highly recommend. - P. on the Classic Bifold Wallet

Amazing service. If there were 6 stars I would have given Tim. He made my purchase so easy - not to mention avoiding world war as well. The quality of products is as expected (having so high expectations post chatting with Tim). Being clumsy I have scratched the bags but hey - that's what makes the bag...... Very reliable seller that is with me all the way. Not all my products are delivered as yet - and I can't wait to have them all. - Ted M. on the Angler's Bag
 Purchased the Daily Leather Satchel/Messenger bag as a Christmas gift. It got here in record time (fastest shipping from any other vendor I've purchased in a while besides Amazon Prime), and the bag...absolutely beautiful craftsmanship. It was a complete success!! Definitely recommend and will shop again! - Ayelen B. on the Daily Leather Satchel
I'd give it ten stars if I could. Beautiful. Timeless. Quality. My husband loved it, and now I want one! - Courtney A. on the Angler's Bag
Gorgeous leather, heavyweight and great quality. Recommend this seller very highly. And shipped out super quick. Will be back for another 'man bag' soon. Passport carrier is a perfect gift for the man that loves male paraphernalia and has everything. Top quality. - Melissa on the Leather Passport Wallet
I am in love with this backpack. I love it so much that if I weren't giving it to one of my most favorite people I would definitely be keeping it. Quite pricey but the leather and hardware are second to none and American sourced. This piece will last a lifetime and be a perfect travel companion for life. I anticipate it only looking better with age. - Melissa on the Leather Backpack
Great customer service, quality on both craftsmanship and leather is amazing. I ordered the bag as a birthday gift, my husband loves it! Thank you guys :) - Miriam H. on the Angler's Bag
I bought several of these and can't wait to give them as holiday gifts. This is a beautiful handmade wallet. Excellent craftsmanship. Fast shipping too! - Adam L. on the Slim Bifold Wallet
Simply a remarkable bag. Rugged yet sophisticated. It's like an 18yr old scotch; for those seeking it out, it is perfect. I cannot wait to use this for all of my travels for the rest of my life! Tim was great to deal with as well. Very patient and willing to work through questions and customizations. I'm now saving up for the briefcase... - Miles B. on the Weekender Duffle
Very, very impressed. I have items from Saddleback, Colonel Littleton and others. I spent 45 bucks on this check book wallet and received much more than expected, great quality, and, well, I can judge! - Christopher P. on the Checkbook Wallet