Leather Care

Keeping your leather well conditioned is a necessary step toward ensuring that your Marlondo Leather product ages gracefully. One of the benefits to using a high quality leather bag is that it will develop a beautiful patina with time and use. A good leather conditioner will maintain this patina while keeping your leather bag or wallet clean and lustrous. 

We're proud to offer our own all-natural Leather Conditioner, a rich cream that is easily scooped and applied for a nourishing leather care treatment. The hydrating formula includes natural oils and beeswax to waterproof and protect your leather without any harmful preservatives or petroleum products. Use it with confidence on any thicker leather items, especially those exposed to harsh elements. It will keep your leather clean and well conditioned while maintaining the patina of your Marlondo Leather Briefcase. A free 1-ounce tin of our leather conditioner comes with every Marlondo Leather bag or backpack!

Leather bags and accessories should be conditioned twice a year, or quarterly if they're often exposed to the elements. Use a dry or very slightly damp cloth to wipe down your bag before you condition it. Take an extra minute or two to get into the seams and harder-to-reach corners. 

Apply your conditioner with a soft towel or sponge (we’ve even found that a mismatched sock works perfectly!). Rub it into the leather using small circles and let dry for at least a half an hour. Use another clean cloth to lightly buff the leather and remove any excess conditioner. You'll notice the difference immediately. Your bag will likely look darker for a few hours after applying a leather cream. The conditioner will keep your leather nourished and protected for the next few months.

Scratches & Scars - Leather's Life Story

Full grain leather scratches easily. Lots of leather satchel owners find this attractive as it adds to the overall patina. But, if you want to remove a scratch, you can apply leather conditioner or simply rub the leather with your fingers to buff the scratch out. 

Each hide has a unique history, biological makeup, and fiber structure. We always use full grain leather, which is never embossed or heavily sanded down. Because the surface is left intact, irregularities are sometimes preserved in the hide, such as brands, stretch marks, scars, or wrinkles. We appreciate these marks because they tell a bit of the leather's life story, but we do our best to keep any markings out of sight. Sometimes if we come across a cool scar or brand, we feature it prominently on items that we add to our Rarities collection. We'll always let you know in the product description if the leather has any markings, and when possible, we'll add a photo. Any items with visibly imperfect leather will always be in the Deals section.