Leather Care

Keeping your leather well conditioned is a necessary step toward ensuring that your Marlondo Leather product looks and wears well for many year to come. One of the benefits to using high quality leather products is that they will begin to develop a patina through use and time. A good leather conditioner will maintain this patina while keeping your leather bag or wallet clean and lustrous. 

There are many different types of leather cleaners and conditioners out there that will keep your leather collection looking great. But, we're proud to offer our own leather conditioner. Marlondo Leather Conditioner is a rich, semi-thick cream that is easily scooped and applied for a nourishing, enriching leather care treatment. The all natural suspension includes natural oils and beeswax that waterproofs and protects your leather without any harmful chemical additives. Use it with confidence on any thicker leather items or leather that is exposed to harsh elements. It will keep your leather clean and well conditioned while maintaining the patina of your Marlondo Product. Marlondo Leather Conditioner is all natural and does not use any animal fats, fillers, petroleum distillates, mineral oil or chemical preservatives. 

Apply your conditioner with a soft towel or sponge (we’ve even found that a mismatched sock works perfectly!). Rub it into the leather using small circles and allow it to dry for about half an hour. You will notice the difference immediately and the conditioner will keep your leather nourished and protected for the next few months.

Full grain leather scratches easily. Many find this attractive as it adds to the patina of the product. However, if you wish to remove scratches, you can apply leather conditioner or simply rub the leather to buff the scratch out. 

Cattle live outdoors during most of their life. They can't avoid mosquito bites, barbed wire scratches, stretch marks, etc. As a result, there are always some minor scars that may appear on the leather. We attempt to trim off the larger, more obvious scars, but there still may be some small ones left.  This contributes to the mystique and appeal of the product... adding to each bag's unique patina.