Checking in with the Marlondo Backpack 1.5 Years Later

Posted by Tim McWhorter on

Before we debuted the Marlondo Backpack in early 2015, we made a few prototypes to test out the design and durability. 

We put this particular backpack through the wringer - taking it on tons of weekend trips, stuffing it in motorcycle panniers, hauling it on a three week trip across Europe, and essentially giving it a thorough beating. It's never been conditioned or cleaned, so here it is in all its glory, with 18 months of nonstop use. 

One thing to note is that this backpack was made with prototype leather and not the nicer, waxier leather that we typically use on our bags. It has broken in quite nicely and the leather is soft and comfortable, especially on the rear side that lies against your back. The only structural damage resulted from catching the bottom right strap on a screw inside an aluminum motorcycle pannier. 

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