New in Stock: Bullet Pencils from Metal Shop

Posted by Tim McWhorter on

We're pleased to be collaborating with the founders of The Metal Shop in Connecticut to bring you some unique, incredibly well crafted pencils, known as Bullet Pencils. These pencils are the perfect companion to our Leather Journals. They'll also look fantastic in one of the pen slots on your next Marlondo briefcase or messenger bag!

The Metal Shop Bullet Pencils hearken back to days of unique design and utmost quality. Jon, the founder of The Metal Shop, has this to say:

"In today's world, products are made in every corner of the globe, stamped out and mass produced with little care for quality or tradition. Metal Shop is about a complete 180 from that. Ideas are churned over in a machine shop in Connecticut and perfected by hand. Each of our products is crafted and finished by skilled machinists with years of experience."

These pencils are available in 3 variations: solid copper, black aluminum w/ solid brass bullet, and solid aluminum. All pencils are delivered with two extra pencils and one additional eraser. All pencils are offered with their clip and eraser too. 

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