Marlondo Leather Conditioner

  • $1250

The Marlondo Leather Conditioner is a rich cream that is easily scooped and applied for a nourishing leather care treatment. The hydrating formula includes natural oils and beeswax to waterproof and protect your leather without any harmful preservatives, fillers, or petroleum products. Comes in a 4 ounce tin.


Veg-tan leather can dry out if exposed to too much heat or light. Condition your leather bag on an annual basis, or quarterly if it's exposed to the elements frequently. If the leather is beginning to feel dry or hard, or developing superficial cracks or ridges, condition it to avoid permanent damage.

Apply your conditioner with a soft towel or sponge (we’ve even found that a mismatched sock works perfectly!). Rub it into the leather using small circles and let dry for about half an hour. You'll notice the difference immediately. The conditioner will keep your leather clean and protected for the next few months.

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