Dog Collars

  • $2500

Marlondo Leather Company is pleased to offer pet collars and leashes. After extensive testing with our own pets, we feel our products are finally ready to be shared with our awesome customers. For the past couple of years, we have used these collars and leashes with our own dogs (our ‘rescue’ border collie mix, our ‘rescue’ German Shepherd, and our ‘old girl’ German Shepherd). We say ‘rescue’ simply because we adopted them after they were abandoned. Truth be told, we’re fortunate that they adopted us as they are incredibly awesome dogs. Sasha, our oldest GSD is currently 11 years old.

We currently offer our collars in three different sizes:

  • Small: 1.0" wide and adjustable from 14.5" to 17.5"
  • Medium: 1.25" wide and adjustable from 17.5" to 20.0"
  • Large: 1.5" wide and adjustable from 20.0" to 25.5"

Some additional details about our line of pet products:

  • Marlondo Leather’s pet collars are hand crafted using 100% full grain, vegetable tanned, cowhide leather. This results in the most natural and durable leather collar available on the market. Full grain vegetable tanned leather collars are comfortable year-round. Since they are a natural product, they will not harm your pet (no chemical reactions or adverse skin issues to potentially affect your pet). Better yet, vegetable tanned, full grain collars develop a great patina with time and use.
  • In addition to utilizing full grain, vegetable tanned cowhide leather, we use solid brass hardware (buckles, d-rings, and Chicago screws) – just like we do on all of our products.  We also use solid copper rivets to secure the d-ring on the collars. This d-ring is designed to be the main connection for the leash. This d-ring is reinforced with two additional pieces of leather to make it a very strong, durable connection.
  • Our collars feature an additional leather loop with an authentic YKK snap button. This allows you to easily secure the leftover collar strap once the collar is adjusted to fit your pet properly and comfortably. Our collars feature multiple adjustment holes to enable you to easily adjust it to your pet’s neck size.


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